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I see I am listed as "new member" Joined Oct 7,2020. I have been flying with you a couple more years than that! I guess maybe because it is the new web site? :cool:
I will be attending at least one of the launch days (April 10th or 11th) and attempting my Level One cert. If all goes well I will be prepared to do my Level 2 as well.

Larry Taylor
NAR # 111276
First I feel, while wanting to help out, you should go through a more senior member. I still have not received level 1 due to scheduling on my part. I would recommend you go for level 1 certification. Once you obtain level 1 then you start on level 2. It’s an educational as well as safety assessment. I Will be at the May event and hope we can meet then. Good luck and have fun!
All the Best! Jim
About to finish my Eradicator model rocket from Sirius. It was a very educational in many aspects. Looking forward to launching her!!

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