Canceled: The August ROSCO Sport Launch is canceled.
After careful consideration and due to restrictions in South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster’s new Executive Order 2020-48 (, we are canceling the August 8-9 ROSCO launch.  The new order requires face coverings or masks as a condition of admission or participation in outdoor events and cleaning and hygiene practices as recommended by AccelerateSC. These restrictions would make the launch untenable. 

With the average August temperatures on the field expected to be in the mid-90s with heat indexes of around 100 to 105, we can not wear masks/face coverings all day on the field without the significant risk of heat injuries.  The cleaning and hygiene practices would be so burdensome that we would be unable to provide a port-a-potty for the launch.
Check back for updates on the status of Freedom Launch.
Welcome to Rocketry South Carolina!

This is the website for the old Orangeburg rocket clubs AKA ICBM and ROSCO or Rocketry South Carolina.  We no longer launch at Orangeburg.  Why?  That is a story best told on the field.

The schedule is available on the Calendar.  It is available for all of 2020 and we will work to add more.  We do not have a club hotel recommendation.  We will work with a local chain.

For more information about our club, visit our about us page.  For more about our next launch, go the launch calendar.  For more on our last launch go to the launch reports.