Canceled: The July ICBM Research Launch is canceled. Out of an abundance of concern for the healthy of our members and the public, we cannot hold a launch in July.  We will hope for better numbers and focus on August for our next launch.  We just can’t support traveling in 4 states (SC, NC, GA, FL) with the highest COVID rates to hold a launch.

Welcome to Rocketry South Carolina!

This is the website for the old Orangeburg rocket clubs AKA ICBM and ROSCO or Rocketry South Carolina.  We no longer launch at Orangeburg.  Why?  That is a story best told on the field.

The schedule is available on the Calendar.  It is available for all of 2020 and we will work to add more.  We do not have a club hotel recommendation.  We will work with a local chain.

For more information about our club, visit our about us page.  For more about our next launch, go the launch calendar.  For more on our last launch go to the launch reports.