Rocketry South Carolina is South Carolina’s only high power rocketry club.



Welcome to Rocketry South Carolina’s web page, the home of ICBM (Tripoli Rocketry Association Prefecture #60) and ROSCO (National Association of Rocketry  Section #648).  Rocketry South Carolina encourages and provides support for hobby rocketry in all its forms – from the smallest 1/8A powered model rockets up to largest birds powered by M experimental motors.  Here, you will find information about the clubs, how to contact us, and how to get to our launch field near Camden, SC.  

National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is an international, non-profit organization that is dedicated to all aspects of safe consumer sport rocketry, from small model rockets with youth groups to very large high power rockets with serious adult hobbyists. The NAR or ROSCO sport launches are sport/commercial only.

Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of amateur high power rocketry. TripoliSC or ICBM has two types of launches: research weekends and weekends that split between research and sport/commercial.

Our two local clubs are made up of a group of knowledgeable and helpful rocketry enthusiasts who are happy to share their talents and assist those who are just beginning.  The monthly launches consist of getting together with friends who share similar interests and having fun while advancing our rocketry research and experience.  It is a family atmosphere which will have you feeling at home even if it is your first time on our field.

Come out and fly with us. Directions to our launch site are available at the link above. We look forward to your fligths.  

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