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  1. Please have someone from your Section contact me ASAP regarding your Section Charter renewal. The process has to be completed by the end of this month or your Section will automatically be placed into an inactive status and your listing removed from the NAR website. A certificate of insurance will also not be issued for your Section or any launch sites that you may have. Please contact me ASAP.
    Chuck Neff
    NAR #74595 L3
    NAR Section Activities Volunteer

  2. Hello, a few years back I worked with the Camden Military Academy on their TARC projects. We launched when you had open events in Orangeburg. I see you now use the sod farm in near Camden.

    We are not doing TARC this year, but several cadets are working on their Civil Air Patrol rocketry science badge.

    What would it take to get us to be allowed to launch our Estes model rockets at your field?



  3. Hi there,

    My name is John Cascante. I am a Project Manager with a communications company here in Lexington .I would really like the chance to be able to attend your upcoming event, and would like to request from your club the ability to Video it, with cinematic editing and some great shots you could use for yourselves. I will release all rights to the 4K videos and pictures I make, and they will be yours to use as you see fit. What is the catch? none…We get the chance to experience your club, get some great footage to show for it, and having experienced the excitement of such an awesome science/sport. I would really like to chat with you so we can discuss this opportunity.Also, If needed/wanted, and for recovery purposes/other I can also provide drone capabilities (for recovery efforts) should the need arise. Im not selling you anything, so please do not worry about cost. I just think is an opportunity for all parties. My phone number . I hope I hear back from you soon. I tried to contact you using the email link however the “captcha” script continunes to throw an error. i hope I can reach you this way.

  4. I am starting up a Rocket Engineering Club at Clemson University and need to be Level 1 certified to enter competitions. According to the NAR, after applying I need to be approved by a Level 2 certified member at a launch. Would I be able to achieve all these things by building and launching a HPR at one of your launches?

  5. Hello,

    I’d like to take the trip down to your launch in Rembert on 11 June if you folks fly mid and high power at your ROSCO sport launch; do you? Does sport launch always imply mid/high power?

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Aman
    Chesapeake, VA

  6. Would love to come for the freedom launch, but what is the waiver that day…. I noticed it’s only 7000 feet, is there a way to get 15 K for that weekend ?

    • No. You would be unlikely to keep your rocket on the field. We are not willing to risk losing the field.

  7. Hello Charles,
    I was at the launch on 8/13. It was a great time!
    Please contact me about my membership and logging onto website.
    I tried using the Contact form but it would not work.

  8. Greetings!

    I am a Tripoli Member, and I am interested in attending the September 3 Freedom Launch. I have a Public Missiles AAMRAM 2 that I would like to fly for Level 1 Certification. I have an H128W-M reloadable motor. I do not have a launch rail and the electronic launch control. The launch lug is 1/4″ Are these generally made available or do I need to bring my own?

    Also, I saw that there is membership to your club, and I saw the fees on the membership services tab, but I didn’t see a place where I could actually join. Maybe I just missed it, but if you could forward info as to how, I would be interested in joining.

    I was going t submit this as a question, but the verification associated with submitting the question seems to be broken…


  9. Hello,
    I am a teacher in a local COOP. We homeschool. I tried your “Contact us” button and it does not seem to be working properly. You may want to review your website. I was wondering if you did demonstrations at all? We have a coop of about 60 kids and are located in downtown Columbia, SC. WE were looking at someone coming in about 5 weeks.
    Please contact me @803-429-7394
    Michele S

  10. Charles, trying (unsuccessfully) to get info on the Camden Launch Site.
    Haven’t been out since the since the Orangeburg days. Please contact me
    through email.

  11. I have a friend flying out from California for the Nov. 11 & 12 Flying event. Your Website CONTRADICTS
    ITSELF. One Location lists the Nov. & a Dec. date. Another location states, “No Events planned at this time.
    Which one is correct? Have someone call me? I am at 530-320-1863. There doesn’t seem to be a phone
    number listed with your WebSite? Please call me with the right Info. Soon. Thank you.
    Doug Frost TRA #1007, NAR #3446

  12. Hello, my name is William Lane, I am the Community Outreach Manager for the Clemson Rocket Engineers, competitive rocketry team. I had recently submitted a “contact us” form with information regarding a day in which our team visits your field and encourages anyone to ask questions they have about our team or rocketry in general. The goal of this day is to try and begin working with the rocketry community in South Carolina, and creating an open line of communication between our team, the Camden field team and anyone else in our community. If you’d like to discuss this proposal further, please email me at [email protected] and we can discuss exact dates and logistics.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all,

    William Lane
    [email protected]
    (864) 784-5349
    Clemson University
    Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

    For more information on our team, feel free to visit our website at

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