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Thomas Weeks

RSVP-Event listing for the NRV Rocketry Big Two Day Summer Launch is finally live! (Blacksburg VA)

Reply on event listing to reserve a car-parking/rocket-setup spot (behind flight line) while they last!
Motor vendor on site!
Beautiful, cool, river-side camping! (only ~5mi away!)
On site food and near by hotel details too!

NRVR... Come Fly With Us!

RSVP for NRV Rocketry Big Summer Launch! 2017 (two day)July 15, 2017, 9:00amKentland FarmsWhile many clubs have summer crops and are restricted to low or mid power, NRVR.ORG (TRA#143) has a beautiful site for moderate high power flights year round and wants to invite other east coast HPR brethren to come fly with us in the cool green mountains of the New River Valley!

We have motor vendor www.performancehobbies.com on site for this TWO DAY launch and Ken at performance hobbies will be re-stocked and accepting orders for launch delivery by around June 15th up until noon on Friday 7/14 (the day before).

We've heard back from clubs from all over the VA, NC and surrounding areas and our July summer launch is shaping up to be one of our biggest launches yet!

Paul shafer is bringing up his "Rocket BBQ Grill" to cater the event (BBQ ribs anyone?) as well as bringing his extra large away pad for those larger projects.

Two Day Launch Details:
Saturday is Tripoli insured commercial launch is mainly focused on high power launches but will also cater to medium and low power flyers too.

Sunday is a Tripoli insured Research launch. Any L and M flights as well as research flights need to be reviewed by the rso. Send such plans to rso(at)nrvr.org for flight check info.

HP waiver up to 10,000 feet but require approvals for anything expected at 6,000 AGL or higher.

NOTE: Each attendee is kindly asked to RSVP (this event) to ensure event parking and food supplies. ALSO post a note below if you want us to reserve you a car and setup-table space right behind ou flight line and tell us which club you're from or would like you car spot next to. (e.g. "Please reserve me a parking/setup space next to the NC Rocketry group." OR "I'm from ROCC, but would like to be by NRVR because they're totally rad!" 🙂 .

High Power Vendor:
PerformanceHobbies.com (place orders by noon Fri 7/14)

Bathroom facilities: On site, indoors.

On Site Food:
Trying to get Paul Chafer of NC Rocketry (and his "rocket grill"!)

TAPS on Site:
One to two TAPs expected on site. Contact officers(at)nrvr.org

Local Camping & Lodging: See nrvr.org/about-nrv-rocketry/kentland-farms/

Launch Pads:
rods: 1/8, 3/16, 1/8, 3/8
rails: 1010 in 6 and 8 foot, 1515 12 foot, + Unistrut rail
(1515 at 500ft for up to Ms)
Large project away pad - Long 1515/Unistrut tower

The $15 launch fee covers both days and gets your car a parking spot & canopy space on the flight. Volunteer as LCO or RSO and get $5 off for helping out! As always, we also accept new members joining or donations to help defer expenses.

For Tripoli certification flights, please contact rso(at)nrvr.org

More info and launc flyer here:

RSVP for NRV Rocketry Big Summer Launch! 2017 (two day)

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Bridgett Haislip

July 8-9 ICBM Research LaunchJuly 9, 2017, 10:00am8840 Camden Hwy, Rembert, SC 29128, United StatesSet up begins at 10 am. Range open until sunset. ...

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Bridgett Haislip

July 8-9 ICBM Research LaunchJuly 8, 2017, 10:00am8840 Camden Hwy, Rembert, SC 29128, United StatesSet up begins at 10 am. Range open until sunset. ...

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David Todd

I left a blue note book today that say Dual Deploy Twitch on it. I think I left it near the RSO table.

If anyone finds it, would you please mail it to me. I will gladly cover shipping and then some.

Thank you.

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We have your notebook. I will send you an email so you can send me your mailing address.

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Bridgett Haislip

Ken of Performance Hobbies will be on the field Sunday, June 4 but will not have his trailer. If there is something specific that you need, please call him and let him know so he can bring it. ...

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