Type of Launch

There are two types of launches: Sport and Research.  All NAR sponsored launches are sport launches.  At sport launches, you can only launch commercially made motors that are manufactured by a professional manufacturer and certified.  Simply, the motor was commercially manufactured and purchased from a vendor.

Research launches are sponsored by Tripoli.  Some of the motors flown may be homemade. You can still fly commercial high power, mid power, and low power motors at any of our launches.

ICBM launches follow the TRA safety code.  Most, but not all, of our ICBM launches allow the use of research motors.  These are referred to as research launches.  Commercial motors may be used during research launches.  ROSCO launches follow the NAR safety code. Only commercial motors may be used at ROSCO launches.  These are referred to as sport launches.

Category: Type of Launch
  • Eric Noguchi says:

    Is it permissible for sport models to eject their motors (LPR A, B, and C engines)?

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