Registration is easy, so even a rocket scientist can accomplish it.  Please, only one registration per flyer.

  1. Create a NEW Account by completing the Registration form below.  You can join the website without being a paying member of the club.  We will email you club announcements and launch updates.
  2. Fill out the form, remembering your user-name and password (use your real email address).
  3. Fill in the “captcha” and click submit (Sorry, we don’t like them either. Darn spammers!).
  4. It will auto-log you in the first time so remember your password for the next time.
  5. Pay your range and membership fees on the field.


Registration:  This is where you give us your details. Register For Membership / Website.

Range Fees or Passes:  Please pay on the field.  Prices are listed here.

Spectators: Attend for free.  There is no charge to watch.

  • Name

  • Contact Info

  • Certification / Membership Status

    Which National Club do you have a membership?
  • About Yourself

  • Upload

Click the email credentials check box if you want your login and password emailed to you.  


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